Ep. 104 – Batman Beyond – Rats

A new month means a new series for discussion and the Good Brothers are returning to the future with  a review of the Batman Beyond episode “Rats.” The hosts poke some serious holes in the plot and discuss Dana’s potential undiagnosed low self-esteem issues. They also continue their case for why #DanaDeservesBetter and once again make an appeal for the full Beyond soundtrack to be released. Plus a myriad of visual Easter Eggs are discussed along with why this was one of the voice actors’ final gig and the introduction of the Mad Stan character and why parts of this episode seem to ring true to modern society in the year 2020. All of this, a full scorecard and a preview of next week’s episode are on this week’s all-new DCAU Review!

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See Cal & Liam’s entire scorecard for this week’s episode by clicking below:

Cal: 2/10 – Liam: 3/10
Voice Acting:
Cal: 6/10 – Liam: 4/10
Cal: 5/10 – Liam: 6/10

Cal: 6/10 – Liam: 6/10

Bonus Point:

Final Tally:

Cal: 19/40 – Liam: 19/40

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