Ep. 96 – Elseworlds – The Mad Scientist & The Mechanical Monsters


Week 2 of our second annual Elseworlds month is here and we are taking a ride in the way back machine to 1941 and reviewing a pair of the first Superman animated shorts ever produced with the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons “Superman” and “The Mechanical Monsters.” This week our hosts share their first exposure to these classic cartoons, give a little bit of a history lesson about their origin, and then proceed to give a full scorecard for each of them. The Good Brothers talk the choice to go with minimal dialogue, the uniqueness of them being public domain, the animation technique created by the Fleischer brothers that makes these cartoons so beautiful and timeless and some fascinating parallels to DCAU episodes. Plus the brothers announce a brand new contest where you can win something just for tuning in! So what are you waiting for? Stream below or on your favorite podcast app right now!

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