Ep. 120 – BTAS – Terror in the Sky

It’s episode 120 of the DCAU Review and the hosts are still reviewing the OG DCAU show with Batman: The Animated Series episode “Terror in the Sky” which officially ends the Man-Bat/Langstrom saga. Cal and Liam discuss some similar plot beats to “On Leather Wings”, how this episode uses music animation and plot to create a  truly memorable action scene, attention to detail within the designs, the many different expressions of the Man-Bat,  the range of acting asked of Kevin Conroy, and once again bring up how to rate an episode with a mystery plot point. The hosts also reveal which episode won their fan choice poll for next week’s Elseworld’s episode.

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Ep. 1 – BTAS – On Leather Wings


In the inaugural episode of the podcast the guys tackle the very first episode of Batman: The Animated Series, titled “On Leather Wings” as well as the impact that BTAS had on pop culture and the brothers’ own lives.

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