Ep. 11 – STAS – The Last Son of Krypton Parts I, II & III

Cal & Liam are back in their 11th edition of the DCAU Review! This week the boys take a break from the Caped Crusader and turn their attentions towards the Man of Steel. That’s right, the DCAU is about to get a whole lot bigger. In this episode you’ll hear a full review of the introduction of Superman and a major part of his supporting cast. Cal & Liam discuss whether they felt this episode does Kal-El’s origin justice, the new spin placed on some of his nemeses, and they even have time to discuss #CapeMovement,  #HairMovement and even #PantsMovement #JeansMovement! All of this and of course, a full scorecard!
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As always, click below to see Cal & Liam’s final scorecard for this week’s episode

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