Ep. 124 – Elseworlds – Beware My Power Part I & II

Week 3 of Green Lantern Month here at the DCAU Review sees the Good Brothers taking a trip to the Elseworlds with a review of  2011’s Green Lantern: The Animated Series premiere episode “Beware My Power.” The hosts talk about some of the origins of this series including its’ tie in with a much-ballyhooed live-action film and why this show didn’t get the chance it deserved, including peg warming action figures at Toys-R-Us! On to the show, Cal & Liam talk about the choice to introduce the newly-minted Red Lantern Corps as the main antagonists, how executive producer Bruce Timm’s character designs translate into 3D animation, an extraordinary amount of nods to a galaxy far, far away and why the most recognizable voice of the episode is both the most jarring, and best choice for this episode! Plus they discuss if they think they may cover more of this show in the future and preview next week’s episode of Green Lantern Month all on today’s new DCAU Review!

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