Ep. 111 – STAS – The Main Man Part I & II

As the Good Brothers continue their June reviews of the Man of Steel they come upon one of the series-defining episodes of Superman; The Animated Series  when Lobo makes his first animated appearance ever in the DCAU in the episodes “The Main Man Part 1 & 2.” Cal and Liam discuss how monumental it was at the time for this adult character that started out as a riff on 90’s gritty comics to appear on a children’s cartoon and then begin discussing the ins and out of the plot that at times feels right out of a Looney Toons cartoon. The hosts also discuss the myriad of interesting visuals on The Preserver’s ship, including one important background cameo that would be a storyline thread in another DCAU show. The guys also talk about the great soundtrack and the uniqueness that adds to the Lobo character itself as well as the iconic voice performance from  Brad Garrett and an early appearance from another voice actor that would go on to play an important baddie on Batman Beyond. All of this, a full scorecard and much more await you on this week’s DCAU Review

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