Ep. 77 – STAS – Heavy Metal

The month of October is nearly over and with that, it’s almost time for the Good Brothers to turn over a new leaf and change DCAU shows. However, our hosts have one last episode of Superman: The Animated Series in 2019 and it’s a fun one. This week’s episode entitled “Heavy Metal” is the direct sequel to the very first episode the boys covered this month. This week’s discussion includes a favorable plot for introducing someone capable of aiding Superman against Metallo, some memories of the introduction of the Steel character, a soundtrack with similar tones to one of the hosts’ favorites, the question of how a metal helmet can show expression and a preview for the show being covered in the month of November. All of this, plus Liam broadcasts from inside the Steel suit and Cal acts as if it’s completely normal…on today’s episode of the DCAU Review!

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