Ep. 33 – Elseworlds – Invasion Of The Secret Santas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the DCAU Review! Your hosts, Cal & Liam have a special gift for you this week, a trip to another dimension in the DCAU Multiverse, also known as an Elseworlds tale! In this week’s episode, the Good Brothers are searching for the Christmas Spirit and delve into the Silver Age world of Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode entitled “Invasion of The Secret Santas!” that thankfully, features a few familiar voices and faces to traditional DCAU fans. The boys discuss the odd a sudden dark turn that may be the episode’s only misstep, Batman punching a lot of Santas and riding a flying reindeer, Corey Burton’s unforgettable rendition of Jingle Bells, plus a complete episode scorecard and much more on this week’s 33rd edition of the DCAU Review!
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Ep. 2 – BTAS – Christmas With The Joker

Image result for christmas with the jokerFresh off of the holiday season it’s episode 2 of the DCAU Review! Cal & Liam tackle episode 2 of Batman: The Animated Series entitled Christmas With The Joker. Discussion is had regarding the introduction and long-lasting impact of Mark Hamill’s performance as the Joker, and whether the episode itself holds up to a viewing outside of the nostalgia-filled Christmas season. A complete DCAU Review scorecard and more of #NotMyAlfred streaming below and on iTunes!

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