Ep. 125 – JLU – The Return

The final Saturday of September also wraps up the DCAU Review’s first ever Green Lantern month, and what better way to finish it than with the entire Green Lantern Corps featured on the Justice League Unlimited episode “The Return.” The Good Brothers discuss how they would’ve preferred the  plot of this one to be focused, what opportunities may have been hurt by the shorter episode run-time, the all-new look of the Corps, Liam’s head-canon on why Kilowog’s appearance changes again, and why a pair of voices may have a bit too recognizable. Plus, the hosts discuss the return of the Green Lantern theme, Lex Luthor always being the smartest guy in the room and Amazo as the DCAU’s Dr. Manhattan. Plus a sneak peek at which show they’ll be covering in October, all on this week’s new DCAU Review!

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