Bonus Episode – Discuss This League Vol. 1 – Batman The Animated Series Revival


On the next Discuss This League… From the creators of the DCAU Review, a new feature is birthed where you’ll get to hear various content creators debate various topics in a fun roundtable format! Kicking things off, Volume 1 of the Discuss This League is a discourse on the recent news regarding a potential Batman: The Animated Series revival for the HBO Max streaming service. This inaugural panel features three major players in the DCAU content community discussing their thoughts on this very exciting but controversial topic. The panel includes The DCAU Review’s own host and all-around Good Brother Liam. Alongside Liam is Timm Talk’s (aka the only podcast to review the DCAU in chronological order) Chris Lord and joining both of them from the behemoth DCAU YouTube Channel Watchtower Database and curator of the DCAU timeline, Mattie Washburn joins the program. Topics discussed include whether this could be disastrous for the legacy of BTAS, whether there should be new voice actors cast, which era of the DCAU should be the focal point, who should direct the series, and much more! Come along and enjoy the hour with three of the brightest minds and most knowledgeable folks when it comes to all things DC Animated Universe!

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