Ep. 142 – STAS – Livewire w/ Nathan MacKenzie

Episode 142 of the DCAU Review Podcast is here and the Good Brothers are not alone this week. Joining the hosts is yet another Special Guest Correspondent, this time in the form of a Superman expert as Nathan MacKenzie from Superman: The Animated Podcast joins the show to review the memorable season 2 episode of Superman: The Animated Series titled “Livewire.” Hear Cal and Liam talk with Nathan, who broadcasts from the Land Down Under and does his own reviews of the Man of Steel, about the introduction of the villainous femme fatale known as Livewire. Hear them discuss a plot that features a very 90s plot around a loudmouth and former shock-jock that gains superpowers through a lightning storm. Superman remembering to grab his dishwashing gloves before leaving the apartment, some very anime-influenced visuals along with the discovery that Times Square is in Metropolis in the DCAU. Plus, a soundtrack that sets itself apart from most of the early days of the DCAU, a small but memorable voice cast, and much more on today’s all-new DCAU Review!

Be sure to check out Nathan’s Podcast available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts  and follow him on Twitter and check out his Website 

Click below to check out our hosts’ full scorecards!

Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 7/10 – Nathan: 7/10

Voice Acting:
Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 8/10 – Nathan: 8/10

Cal: 10/10 – Liam: 9/10 – Nathan: 9/10

Cal: 8/10 – Liam: 8/10 – Nathan: 8/10

Bonus Point:

Final Tally:

Cal: 32/40 – Liam: 32/40 – Nathan: 32/40

Please send any feedback our way via our Twitter @DCAUReview and be sure to like us on Facebook


Please send any feedback our way via our Twitter @DCAUReview and be sure to like us on Facebook


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