Ep. 122 – STAS – In Brightest Day…

As announced on last week’s episode, the Good Brothers are mixing things up for the month of September, reviewing a month of Green Lantern episodes featured all across DC animation in honor of the Green Lantern’s 80th anniversary. Kicking off the month, the hosts are covering the first appearance of the Green Lantern in the DCAU with Superman: The Animated Series episode “In Brightest Day…” which features fan-favorite Kyle Rayner. Cal and Liam discuss the episode in detail, including how it feels like a backdoor pilot for an unfulfilled Green Lantern animated spin-off, the soaring and memorable GL theme used throughout, whether or not this would’ve been better served in two parts and their thoughts on the DCAU GL uniforms. Plus, they discuss the mashup origin given this Kyle Rayner, the myriad of Easter Eggs, and whether or not this episode makes an actual lasting impact on the DCAU based on how the GL character evolves.  The hosts also preview which GL will be featured on next week’s all-new DCAU Review!

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See Cal & Liam’s entire scorecard for this week’s episode by clicking below:

Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 6/10
Voice Acting:
Cal: 8/10 – Liam: 7/10
Cal: 9/10 – Liam: 10/10

Cal: 10/10 – Liam: 10/10

Bonus Point:

Final Tally:

Cal: 34/40 – Liam: 33/40

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