Ep. 116 – Static Shock – Static in Africa

Static in Africa" | DC Animated Universe | Fandom

The month of July draws to a close with one last review of an episode of Static Shock. This week’s appropriately titled episode “Static in Africa” finds Virgil Hawkins taking a trip to Ghana where he runs into another local superhero and his adversary.  The Good Brothers discuss Anansi’s folklore origins, as well as his connection to another DCAU hero. The hosts also discuss some of the poignant real-world topics touched on, where they wish the focus would’ve played out more, Static losing his jacket, the return of Liam’s #CapeMovement Corner, Osebo’s potential origins, and why this episode deserves a re-watch. Plus, the guys preview next week’s show and give a monthly roundup from this month’s coverage on this week’s all-new DCAU Review!

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See Cal & Liam’s entire scorecard for this week’s episode by clicking below:

Cal: 8/10 – Liam: 7/10
Voice Acting:
Cal: 10/10 – Liam: 10/10
Cal: 5/10 – Liam: 6/10

Cal: 8/10 – Liam: 9/10

Bonus Point:

Final Tally:

Cal: 31/40 – Liam: 32/40

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