Bonus Ep. 8 – Batman The Adventures Continue: The Darker Knight Part I & II


As promised, the Good Brothers return with another Bonus Episode, this time with a review of the latest issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue, issue number 4, chapters 7 and 8, titled “The Darker Knight Part I & II.” Cal and Liam break down the lastest digital-first issue talking about the introduction of Azrael/Jean Paul Valley to the DCAU, possible origins for the mysterious “Mr. Wing” including a far-out headcanon from one of the hosts, discussion on why the artwork continues to blow the hosts away, the ongoing controversy regarding how this fits into DCAU-continuity including a bombshell revelation that changes one particular character’s past and future and discuss the brilliant cliffhanger that leads to issue number 5. Plus the hosts speculate on what and who we might see in the final two issues and talk about getting series one of the DC Direct Batman: The Adventures Continue in-hand and give a little preview for what they’ll be covering for August on the main show. All of this and more on this Bonus Episode of the DCAU Review!

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