Bonus Ep. 7 – Batman The Adventures Continue: Mentors Part III & IV


Bonus Episode 7 is here and it’s time to review two more chapters from Batman: The Adventures Continue, wrapping up with Part III, and Part IV of “Mentors” which is issue number 3 of the miniseries. Cal and Liam discuss the excitement of getting a few of the new DC Direct figures and a physical copy of Issue #1 in-hand, a breakdown of both parts of the comic, a return to the nitpicking corner as they talk about a few things they wished were different, more praise for Ty Templeton and Monica Kubina’s artwork and speculation on where Nightwing could make his first appearance in the series. Plus, the Good Brothers discuss why this comic felt like a lost episode of The New Batman Adventures and a few potential DCAU continuity issues revealed in this chapter.

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