Ep. 110 – STAS – My Girl

Episode 110 is here and the Good Brothers continue the month of June with the Man of Tomorrow as they review Superman: The Animated Series episode “My Girl” which features the debut of the all-grown-up Lana Lang. Cal and Liam discuss a plot which leaves it very much open to interpretation as to whether or not Lex Luthor could have feelings after all. Also, the hosts talk about a guest vocal performance that has to carry most of the show and how well they think they handled that responsibility, what happened when they went to listen to this week’s soundtrack, some stunning visuals with a mix of off-model characters and a very specific homage to the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons. Plus the guys reveal which long-awaited episode they’ll be covering next week on this week’s all-new DCAU Review!

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See Cal & Liam’s entire scorecard for this week’s episode by clicking below:

Cal: 6/10 – Liam: 7/10
Voice Acting:
Cal: 8/10 – Liam: 10/10
Cal: 6/10 – Liam: 6/10

Cal:7/10 – Liam: 810

Bonus Point:
Cal + 1 (Fleischer Homage)

Final Tally:

Cal: 28/40 – Liam: 31/40

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