Bonus Ep. 4 – Robin’s 80th Anniversary


With everything happening in the world today, we at the DCAU Review thought you deserved a bonus…A bonus episode, that is. Join our hosts this week as they celebrate the 80th anniversary of Robin the Boy Wonder. Last week DC Comics released a very special 80th-anniversary issue to commemorate Batman’s sidekick and the DCAU Review figured it would be a great time to talk about five different interpretations of Robin from five different cartoons and voice actors. Join the Good Brothers as they recall specific moments that stand out to them and discuss why each Robin is important when reviewing the character’s history. Plus hear clips that stand out for each Robin discussed on this bonus episode of the DCAU Review!

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See clips from the moments discussed below!

Tim Drake – The New Batman Adventures
Dick Grayson – The Batman
Jason Todd – Batman: Under The Red Hood

Robin – Teen Titans

Robin – Teen Titans Go!

Dick Grayson – Batman: The Animated Series

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