Ep. 98 – Elseworlds – Man of Tomorrow

The penultimate edition of Elseworlds month of 2020, features one of the lesser-known and appreciated DC Animated shows, Legion of Superheroes and the Good Brothers tackle the pilot episode “Man of Tomorrow” on this week’s podcast. Join Cal & Liam as they discuss how this series was rumored to have been greenlit, this version of the Legion and their Fatal Five rogues, an unfamiliar voice cast, and a discussion about whether this show could potentially suffer from having an identity crisis. The guys also discuss the difference in animation from the DCAU style, discuss easter eggs in the “Hall of Superman” scene and a really fantastic Superman-theme. Plus a full scorecard and a preview for next week’s episode, all on this week’s DCAU Review!

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See Cal & Liam’s entire scorecard for this week’s episode by clicking below:

Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 6/10
Voice Acting:
Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 6/10
Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 7/10
Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 9/10
Bonus Point:
Final Tally:

Cal: 28/40 – Liam: 28/40

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