Bonus Ep. 3 – Ten Favorite Arrowverse Moments

Crisis-PosterBonus episode number three is here and our hosts are using this format as an opportunity to venture outside the normal animated discussion, to discuss and celebrate some of the best moments in the CW’s Live-Action Arrowverse. From the more serious moments of death and tragedy to the comedy and fan-service to the “HOLY CRAP I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT” crossover episodes, The Good Brothers have assembled a list of some of their favorite moments. Which moments will make the cut? Don’t fail this city! Grab your favorite Green Hood, brush up on pop culture references and RUN, BARRY, RUN to your favorite podcast app to stream this giant-sized all-new episode of the DCAU ARROWVERSE Review!

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Check out a playlist of all of our hosts’ favorite moments below

10. Constantine joins The Arrowverse – Arrow S04E05
9. It Chose You/Run Barry Run! – Flash S01E01
8. Beebo vs Mallus – Legends of Tomorrow S03E18
7. The Flash meets Supergirl– Supergirl S01E18
6. Connor Hawke & Future Ollie – Legends of Tomorrow S01E06
5. Ra’s Al Ghul kills Oliver – Arrow S03E09
4. Barry says goodbye/Death of Moira Queen – Flash S01E23/Arrow S02E20
3. Arrow v The Flash: Dawn of The Yearly Crossover – Flash S01E08
2. Arrow vs. Deathstroke/ Flash, Arrow, Firestorm vs The Reverse Flash – ArrowS02E23/FlashS01E22
1. The Death of Oliver Queen: “Then it’s not time!”– Crisis on Infinite Earths Pt. 1

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