Bonus Ep. 2 – Ten Favorite DCAU Toys


To celebrate the start of the Holiday season, Cal & Liam are bringing you a special gift in the form of their second BONUS episode ever, and this one is set to bring back a whole bunch of nostalgic feelings. The Good Brothers are talking about their top ten favorite toys from the DCAU on this extended episode. From the early Kenner Batman: The Animated Series figures to the Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures toys of the mid to late nineties, all the way up through Hasbro’s Batman Beyond and Mattel’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited figures, the hosts run the gamut of DCAU collecting, including some surprises and deep cuts while discussing why these particular toys mean so much to them.  So sit back, make yourself another plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and relive your childhood on this week’s bonus episode of the DCAU Review!

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See the reveal of Cal & Liam’s Top Ten DCAU Toys Below

10. Jetpack Joker/Skydive Batman – Kenner 1993
9. The Question – Mattel 2008
8. Batmobile/Knight Striker Batmobile – Kenner 1993/ Kenner 1997
7. Insect Body Mr. Freeze – Kenner 1997
6. Crime Solver Nightwing – Kenner 1997
5. Rogues Gallery 8-pack – Kenner 1997
4. Quick Change Superman/Neutron Star Superman – Kenner 1996
3. Wayne Manor Command Center/Batcave – Kenner 1993
2. Future Knight Batman – Kenner 1999
1. Combat Belt Batman – Kenner 1993

10. The Creeper – Kenner 1998
9. 12 inch Batman & Nightwing – Kenner 1997
8. Crime Fighter Robin/Robin (TNBA) – Kenner 1997/ DC Collectibles 2015
7. Superman Super Heroes vs. Super Villains 4-pack – Kenner 1999
6. Bane/Ski Blast Robin – Kenner 1995
5. Deep Dive Superman – Kenner 1996
4. Firewall Robin – Hasbro 1999
3. DC Superheroes Doomsday 6-pack – Mattel 2006
2. Power Cape Batman – Hasbro 1999
1. Retro Batman – Kenner 1994

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