Ep. 28 – Batman Beyond – Meltdown

It’s episode 28 of the DCAU Review, and Cal & Liam are discussing the finale of the Mr. Freeze saga in Batman Beyond’s episode “Meltdown.” An old adversary and the first time Terry’s Batman is introduced to his season 1 arch nemesis are just two of the big moments that happen on this week’s episode. The Good Brothers talk some more uneven music, a tremendous all around look for the episode, and why they could listen to Mr. Freeze’s one-liners on repeat. Plus a full scorecard and maybe even a bonus point for wordplay, all streaming below!
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See Cal & Liam’s entire scorecard for this week’s episode by clicking below:
Cal: 8/10 – Liam: 9/10
Voice Acting:
Cal: 10/10 – Liam: 10/10
Cal: 7/10 – Liam: 8/10

Cal: 10/10 – Liam: 10/10

Bonus Point:
Liam +1 – Episode Title

Final Tally:
Cal: 35/40 – Liam: 38/40

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